Why Choose Shaheen Orthodontics?

h-braces1.jpgThe doctor's clinical experience is top flight. Our staff is experienced, friendly, knowledgeable, and always very professional. We pride ourselves in actually "listening" to our patients about their concerns and desires; a quality often lost in these times.

We distinguish ourselves with the most "Patient-friendly Appliances" that modern orthodontics has to offer. Patient comfort is always a top priority.

  1. First Phase Treatment Appliances: We generally use removable expanders, which are less threatening and more comfortable for children while still providing the maximal and most natural arch development. (available in many child-friendly colors and styles)
  2. Braces without the painful, tooth scarring metal bands and separators.
  3. No need for old-style headgears to achieve our treatment goals.
  4. Light and more natural high-tech force wires for a more comfortable and efficient tooth moving experience.
  5. We are at the cutting-edge of proven, tested appliance therapy to give our patients numerous esthetic options for their orthodontic treatment.
  6. Very rarely are permanent tooth extractions necessary with our advanced treatment techniques, which lead to more natural post-treatment smiles.
  7. Reasonable, competitive fees with flexible payment options while maintaining top quality treatment principles. There is never a premium for two-phase treatment. Single phase or two- phases are the same cost.

As our well-informed patients know – It pays to compare!