Building Self Esteem As Well As A Smile
Posted on 08/31/2016

There are many articles about the benefits of orthodontics as it relates to increased self-esteem. We all know that prior to treatment, many children smile with their mouth closed, or don’t smile at all, because they are self-conscious about their teeth. After treatment they’re more comfortable not only with their smile, but also their overall appearance. This increases confidence, which carries over to their interactions with peers and adults.


However, not much attention is paid to maximizing self-esteem throughout the orthodontic experienceThat’s where I focus much of my energy.


When children come to me for treatment, they need to leave my office feeling like a winner. That’s my mission. I always create a magnificent smile, but I also make sure that the patient feels great about him/herself throughout treatment. Here’s how:

  • I design a treatment plan that the patient will be successful with. All children are unique, and the treatment chosen has to work with that child's personality. We all lose if it doesn't.

  • We become friends. I’m genuinely interested in what is going on in that child's life.

  • I am always aware that there is a child attached to the teeth. You cannot be successful without paying attention to both.


Above all, I am there for kids with questions and support when they’re getting used to being in treatment. My goal is to become the captain of his or her cheer-leading squad throughout treatment, and beyond.

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