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CandidPro® Orthodontics

Smiles are infectious! And when our patients are happy with their smiles, it doesn’t get much better than that.

That’s why we’re proud to offer CandidPro clear aligners to our patients who want to smile more confidently.

Clear aligners like CandidPro move your teeth over time using clear plastic aligners. It’s an alternative to braces that’s often more comfortable and far more affordable. We love Candid’s clear aligner system because it’s especially convenient for our patients and often only requires two in-office appointments. 

Benefits Of CandidPro Clear Aligners

Because you can take the aligners out, you will be left with an even tooth shade that prevents discoloration and the ease of cleaning your teeth will mean improved hygienics.

Clear plastic means that there aren’t hunks of metal placing significant pressure on your teeth or drawing attention to the imperfections you’re trying to correct. 

You can eat anything you want during treatment as long as you remove the aligners first.

CandidPro clear aligners offer unique benefits over other clear aligner brands. Candid is much faster and more cost-effective than Invisalign. 

CandidPro is more convenient, as you don’t need to return to the office every 6 to 8 weeks for routine checkups. Your entire progress will be monitored remotely through the app with a certified professional orthodontist to help you along the way.

Candid Aligners patient

A straighter smile for your long- term health.

Protecting your health starts with your smile.
People sometimes think that orthodontic treatments like clear aligners are purely cosmetic. The truth is that malocclusion (misaligned teeth) can lead to chipped teeth, breathing problems, speech issues, and more.

Candid can fix malocclusion
If your teeth are visibly misaligned, or your bite causes you pain, you may want to consider CandidPro clear aligner treatment.

The CandidPro Difference


Align your smile using uncomfortable metal wires, brackets and rubber bands
Fixed to your teeth for many months and require routine follow-up appointments to tighten them
Cost range from $6K-$7K


Require several follow-up appointments
Require multiple composite buttons to be glued to the teeth
70% of cases don't finish treatment within the prescribed time frame
Cost range from $6K-$10K


Can treat most cases with as few as two appointments
At-home tracking via Virtual Al technology
Advanced 3D printing and tech means accelerated treatment
$4500 and up

Advanced, Virtual AI Technology

With fewer in-person dental visits and virtual AI tracking, your teeth will be aligned in no time!
Candid’s virtual AI technology allows Dr. Shaheen to monitor your results from the comfort of your home. You can take follow-up scans right on your smartphone and connect with your dentist in real-time for progress updates! So you can conveniently straighten teeth with only two in-person visits.

Learn More About ScanboxPro Monitoring
Candid Scanbox Pro

Candid Answers About Candid Clear Aligners

What Are Candid Clear Aligners?
Candid clear aligners are a series of clear plastic trays that move your teeth in small increments over time. You’ll wear them 22 hours a day during your treatment.
What Is Candidapp™?
CandidApp is your home base for tracking your treatment and sharing progress updates with your dentist. It’s easy to use and is the top-rated teledentistry app in both the App Store and Google Play Store.
How Many Sets Of Clear Aligners Will Candid Make For Me?
The number of aligners in your treatment plan will depend on how much your teeth need to move. You can generally expect between nine and twenty-four sets.
When Do I Change To A New Set Of Aligners?
Every two weeks during treatment, you’ll share high-resolution scans of your teeth with your dentist. If your teeth are moving according to your treatment plan, your dentist will let you know to change to a new set.
Will Candid Clear Aligners Affect My Speech?
Wearing clear aligners may cause small, temporary speech differences. These generally subside within a few days of regular wear.
Do Candid Clear Aligners Hurt?
When you pop in a new set of Candid clear aligners, you may notice a little discomfort. Keep wearing your aligners as prescribed and the discomfort will typically subside after 3–4 days.
Can I Eat Or Drink While Wearing Aligners?
It depends. Water? Yes, always. Hot beverages? No, they could damage your aligners. Soda? Yes, but make sure to brush your teeth and rinse your aligners afterward. Food? We recommend removing your aligners first, then brushing and flossing afterwards.
Will Other People Be Able To Notice When I Wear Candid Clear Aligners?
Candid clear aligners are very discrete. Most people you meet will only notice your beautiful new smile.
How Often Do I Need To Come Back To The Dentist?
Ultimately, how often you need to come in is up to your dentist. Because you’ll be using CandidMonitoringTM, you’ll likely only need to see your dentist at the end of your treatment. If you need any support during your treatment, you can communicate with Candid’s Care Team using CandidApp.
Will I Need Retainers After Treatment?
Yes! All orthodontic treatments require retention. When your treatment has ended, you’ll need to wear a retainer at night indefinitely to maintain your dazzling results.
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