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What to Expect

What to expect
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During your initial consultation at Shaheen Orthodontics, Dr. Shaheen will discuss your motivation and goals for seeking orthodontic treatment. We look forward to seeing you in our office and showing you how orthodontic care can enhance your dental health and overall wellness. We want you to have the confidence to share your smile with the world!

Treatment Overview

Diagnostics. Our team will review any x-rays and notes provided by your dentist and will create images of your teeth and the surrounding tissues using cameras and x-rays to help determine your course of treatment.

Treatment Plan. We will then present your diagnosis and recommend treatment options, working to develop a plan that best fits your individual needs. We will discuss treatment options and timelines, as well as costs and payment options for any proposed treatments.

Aligner Kit. Candid will produce and ship your aligners to you or your dentist.

Wearing Aligners. You’ll wear your aligner steps sequentially for 22 hours every day.

CandidMonitoring. You’ll use your smartphone to submit progress scans to your dentist.

Retainters. Once treatment has ended, you’ll wear a retainer at night to maintain your new smile.

Candid aligners
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